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Clearing memory module erros on VCE vBlock chasis blade server
By Jitendra | Jul 17, 2017 | In Articles | Total Views [ 968 ]
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Memory Error on vBlock one of the blade:



ystem Notification from vmwarediary-ucs - environment:minor - 2017-07-17 02:06:43 GMT-05:00 Health LED of server 1/4 shows error. Reason: DDR3_P2_E2_ECC:Sensor Threshold Crossed;



Run the below commands:


#Scope server x/y                                (X would be chasis number and y would be blande number under that chasis on which errors are coming)



#clear sel


#scope cimc





After running above commands, you will observe that errors has gone and server health status has been set to green.


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