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vROps error in version 8.0 while installing management pak file
By Jitendra | May 9, 2020 | In Tips | Total Views [ 956 ]
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intial description

Error in vROps 8.0 while installing management pak file. Error "verification.update.slices_not_in_consistent_state"

The above error comes when you try to install the management pak and choose the reset option and upload it again and again. There are the reasns behind it which will explorer in this article.

My vROps 8.0 infra structure.

However I have deployed my vROps in my own Lab along with NSX, Vcenter and all required vROPs component.

Lets have a look of my infra pictures below. I would not go into depth of the infra here as this will prolong the story.

Above is the infra details where i am using one vROps manager, One witness VM, one Application remote collector and one Remote data collector in a different Vcenter.

The below errors were reflecting as i am trying to install a pak file.

Reason: As one of the remote data collector was down, hence it was unable to install the pak components to vROps and its all appliances. You will need to make sure whether you all data collectors set is online.

Hope, this will breif you about the error given.

Thank you. The resolution may vary depending on the infra details. 

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