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Host CPU is incompatible with Virtual machine requirement at CPU ID level 0x80000001
By Jitendra | Aug 23, 2017 | In Tutorials | Total Views [ 623 ]
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What issues you may face when a motherboard gets replaced in any ESXi/ESX host


While doing vmotion you will see below error:


Verify that the BIOS settings for host processors enable Hardware Virtualization (if available) and Execute Protection. Default BIOS settings might not always enable these features. Hardware Virtualization is Intel VT on Intel processors and AMD-V on (supported) AMD processors. Execute Protection is Intel eXecute Disable (XD) on Intel processors and AMD No eXecute (NX) on AMD processors. For machines with AMD processors, under Processor Options, set No-Execute Page-Protection to Enabled. Until these CPU features are enabled, ESX hosts with EVC supported CPU types listed below will be unsupported.

Option to set in BIOS:


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