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Vcenter server appliance 6.5 update plan
By Jitendra | Apr 24, 2020 | In Tutorials | Update: Apr 24, 2020 | Total Views [ 740 ]
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intial description

Vcenter server appliance 6.5 update plan


Backup Plan:

1.    Take a full DB backup of Update manager and the Vcenter DB (If Database is an external)
2.    Take snapshot of Vcenter before the activity.
3.    Take complete VM level backup of Vcenter.
4.    RVTool export as a configuration backup.
5.    Backup from the VAMI on a different location if possible.

Validation/Pre-requisites of environment:

1.    Root credentials of the VCSA.
2.    SSO admin credentials.
3.    Root Credentials of the underlying ESXi host.

Execution Plan:

1.    Login into the VCSA VAMI portal using root credentials.
2.    Considering the scenario that VCSA have access to internet for at least VMware online repository.
3.    Click on update tab on the left pan.
4.    On the right pan click on Check update button. That will connect to the vmware online repository via internet for a latest available patch.
5.    Once step 4 completes it will show the latest patch build number.
6.    Click on “Install all updates” button.
7.    It will start the download and installation of the patch and will show status in bar.
8.    Once completes, VCSA will automatically reboot.

Post Check:

  1. Login into the VCSA DCUI console and check whether everything is in place.
  2. Login in to the VCSA using domain ID and check the inventory.
  3. Verify the performance report for few random VMs to validate that DB has history data available with it after upgrade.
  4. Match the build number with the latest available build of the VCSA 6.5.

Roll Back Plan:

  1. Revert the snapsot taken before activity.
  2. If step 1 fails somehow, restore the VCSA from VM level backup.

Above patching plan is based on the given enviornment and the information. This is sample patching plan and may require a modification.


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